Live looping success!

We made it! the gig last night went really well and it was so cool to see old friends and play at my Alma Mater.

Yoomia played an awesome set of her compositions and videos. I followed this up with three live loops using Ableton. we then came together and did a couple of loops together.

I learnt so much about performing with electronics last night. Firstly that it works great! I’d like to dig deeper into monitoring in Ableton because my live signal was louder than the playback sometimes. Also, I am going to shake up my live sets and use clips instead of Looper so that I have the option of quantisation. If that doesn’t work, I can always fall back to Looper. I also want to put my songs into one mega Live Set so that I spend less time on my knees palpating the computer.

I’ve blocked out a few days in a few weeks to write some more material. During that time, I will have created a full MIDI bank of my cello so I will be able to create synthetic sounds with my cello as the base. This is getting exciting!

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