The MIE catch up in Auckland was a blast

On the weekend I got to hang out at the Microsoft HQ in downtown Auckland at the 2018 Microsoft Innovative Educator Catch up. I learnt so much about 21st century learning design and design and computational thinking. I have so many ideas about how I might use this when I plan, teach and play next term.

I am also super interested in learning to code better. The question remains, how can I use all of these tools as a secondary school teacher and as a primary school teacher in a special character school which does not use technology? There are lots of ways to use coding and computational thinking every day. I even went to a computer science unplugged seminar while I was there.

I sometimes think that music education and learning an instrument has been teaching musicians to think computationally for centuries and instead of saying ‘computer science is the new arts major because it lets you do anything,’ you should say the same thin about music.

I love how broken down thinking processes are when used computationally and I love how design thinking is based so thoroughly around collaboration and empathy.

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